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Logo and guidelines

NEW ON THIS WEBSITE! Templates, equipment, shopping list and banners!

>>> Logo to be downloaded:

Logo .eps - CMYK (490 Ko)
Logo .eps - RGB (1.5 Mo)
Logo .jpeg - RGB (120 Ko)

BLACK logo .eps (490 Ko)
WHITE logo .eps (490 Ko)

>>> Logo guidelines:

- The logo for the Belgian Presidency will be used during the Presidency semester from 1 July 2010 to 31 December 2010 for all communication associated with all Presidency activities.

- It strictly respects the rules laid down in the graphic charter.

- The Presidency logo can be used before the Presidency begins only in the following cases:

  1. On an invitation for an activity taking place during the Presidency semester
  2. On promotion materials for activities taking place during the Presidency semester
  3. During Trio activities taking place before the Presidency semester.

Anyone using the logo for any purpose, apart from the public authorities, has to seek official permission in writing beforehand from Ms Cécile Cnockaert. She can be contacted at the following e-mail address: It is strictly forbidden to use the logo for commercial purposes.

>>> Download the graphic charter (PDF):

English - French - Dutch - German

Any questions concerning the use of the logo should be sent by email to Cécile Cnockaert:


>>> Templates

Here is the list of templates to use for events featured on the Presidency’s official timetable:

- Headed stationary: word (.doc)

- Poster: pdf file

- PowerPoint presentation: ppt file

- Press folder: pdf file - illustrator file (.eps)

- Roll-up: pdf file - illustrator file (.eps)

- Business card: pdf file - illustrator file (.eps)

- Directional boards: pdf file (.pdf) - illustrator file (.eps)

Any questions about using the templates may be sent by email to Cécile Cnockaert:


>>> Equipment

Communication equipment is made available to the organisers of Informal Council meetings and other events (depending on the availability). It may be customised in keeping with the relevant event.

The conditions and application form must be downloaded:

Form in French (.doc) - Form in Dutch (.doc)

A "shopping list" (PDF) (French or Dutch) is also available for event organisers (public authorities) to use to place orders with the suppliers directly.

Any questions about the equipment may be sent by email to Herman Van Beeck:


>>> Banners

You can make a link to the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU website ( by using the following banners (size to be choosen depending on your website):

120 x 60 EN (.gif) - 120 x 60 NL (.gif) - 120 x 60 FR (.gif) - 120 x 60 DE (.gif)

125 x 125 EN (.gif) - 125 x 125 NL (.gif) - 125 x 125 FR (.gif) - 125 x 125 DE (.gif)

180 x 150 EN (.gif) - 180 x 150 NL (.gif) - 180 x 150 FR (.gif) - 180 x 150 DE (.gif)

234 x 60 EN (.gif) - 234 x 60 NL (.gif) - 234 x 60 FR (.gif) - 234 x 60 DE (.gif)